A story by A.F. Stewart celebrating The Bloody Valentine Horror Event – Bad Blood on facebook. See you in there!

Be Afraid of the Dark


Today’s the day! My annual anti-Valentine, bad love extravaganza! Come check out all the blood-dripping hearts, poisoned candy and dead flowers over on Facebook!

The Bloody Valentine Horror Event

And be sure to check out the last days of our Bloody Valentine Horror Giveaway as well.

The Bloody Valentine Horror Giveaway


And in honour of the event, here’s a story for you all.


Stay With Me

I whisper his name at night, while the candle burns, while the rain pitter-patters on the roof of the cottage. I whisper his name while I carve, while I sew the stitches. I whisper his name, the name of the man I love.

The man that left me for another.

Under the moonlight I work, weave my magic and remember.

Oh, how he smiled at me, how he made my heart flutter. We laughed, we danced, we strolled the hillside under the moon. I told…

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