‘The Storm Within – Part Six’ by John Potts Jr. I reblogged part one of this engrossing story a few posts ago, and all I have to say is – what are you waiting for? Head over to the blog and catch up on all that you’ve missed!

Thank you, John, for this wonderful tale!

Collection of Endless Nightmares

From the beginning…. Parts One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.

“Has it been five months?” Karen asks. “Time drags when the nightmares—no—when the madness consumes all logical thought.”

She sits alone on the bed of her hotel room, gazing into the steady pulse of the tiny red dot on the top of the camcorder placed atop the room’s only dresser.

“It feels like an eternity since Allen was taken. I almost wish that it took me, too. Maybe my suffering would have eased; that would’ve been too easy, though. That would’ve been too easy indeed. The fact that I have enough sanity left to record this is beyond my grasp of understanding… all I have known lately is the darkness of sleepless nights and the constant stalker that is this invisible storm. It ends tonight—oh it ends tonight indeed.”

Karen looks above and around, taking…

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