“So, you’re saying there’s no such thing as writer’s block?”

How does he turn out four novels a year, plus a ton of short fiction? The opening line from horror author Hunter Shea’s latest story, ‘Block’, on Pen of the Damned says it all. Or does it? Perhaps a little unrelenting drive is in order; a bit of gentle persuasion from his muse…

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“So, you’re saying there’s no such thing as writer’s block?”

I tamped out my pipe, refilled it with Dunhill Nightcap, touched the lit match to the aromatic leaf and took a few deep puffs. We were only fifteen minutes into the interview and my mind was already drifting to other things. Then my eyes wandered to the bottle of Macallan 25 the young man had brought, a gift from his publisher, and resigned myself to my fate. There were far worse ways to spend a cold, dreary afternoon.

“Would you like a glass?” I said.

He smiled and shook his head. “Thank you, but no. I’m more of a beer man myself.”

I poured my second shot of the amber ambrosia, savoring the aroma a moment before tilting the glass back oh-so-gently.

“I love a cold beer as well, but it’s a poor substitute for fine scotch.”

A gust…

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