Be sure to check out ‘The Storm Within’ – an ongoing serialized story by John Potts Jr. There are four parts posted on his blog so far, and I’m hooked!

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Collection of Endless Nightmares

“Thanks, Mark. We are reporting outside a possible murder-suicide on Perry Lane. An anonymous disturbance call was made for the residence behind us,” Karen Blane pivots only her body to the veil of lazy snowfall that wept over the crime scene inside the two story home, “at approximately 7:03 this evening. That was roughly three hours past.”

The producer back at WPLQ was ready for that disgusted tone and scowl from Karen. He couldn’t blame her malcontent and would remind her of that again when he next saw her. “Do it,” he ordered to his technician. Prior video footage replaced the live feed while Karen reported.

“Emergency services stated that—and please mind that these are not exact quotes; these are what police have given out for us to use at this time—stated that shouting occurred in the home sometime before seven. Shortly after, the sounds of gunfire came from…

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