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He watched the scene below
Everyone was moving slow
Gathered round him in a swarm
“It’s recent, the bodies warm”

She’d been so beautiful
He thought
Everything one would need
Had been surprised at the speed
He’d fallen for her charms
Ended up in her arms

The dance, the kiss
Her lips, dancing tongues
Promise of bliss
“Come home with me
I guarantee
A time you won’t forget”
She let him touch
Feel how wet

He went with her
Without a care
The consequences unaware
Stripped bare
An awesome sight
Drew him in
Gripped him tight

And as she took him
Like a dream
Came together
He heard a scream
It was his
Never had it been like this

Transformed now
A frenzied feed
She drained him
Of blood and seed
Now from above he sees her there
Can’t resist her hollow stare
Her grip tightens on his soul
Then dragged towards the waiting hole
“Your future now
To serve me Welcome to eternity”

© Copyright Mark D Davis


About Mark D Davis: From his blog – Musings in my mind
Growing up in Australia, I have always been a keen obsever of the people around me and from schoolboy fantasies about my teachers or the older girls.. or whichever superheroine was around at the time, my mind never stopped coming up with scenarios that inevitably ended up with a mess somewhere. None of these fantasies were forgotten and as new experiences created new fantasies, and with the rich tapestry of new people I have met along the way I started to write these fantasies down, sharing both my erotic stories ,poetry and various other musings on life with a small circle of friends and now with you . I hope you enjoy and follow
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