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Expression in Sadness

She stared with a sad heart
She watched her world falling apart
With all the thoughts that lead to love
Why does this world hate so much
A child born with an innocence from birth
To live where war is the ruler of earth
All the pain trapped by her eyes
Flows the tears heard throughout time with cries
Gone are the memories told from yesterday
Draining the color of emerald from her eyes that stray
With sadness that takes her will to stay
Her heart crushed at the sight that took her hopes away
The sun ceased to rise with its purpose for life
The moon ceased to glow with its peaceful embrace of love
The stars ceased to shine with its hope for a future
The world ceased to live with conviction
The heavens ceased to bless with benediction
Expression in sadness from the last living Angel
Her eyes cry as they weep fatal


Reblogged from Perso In Poesia 2015