‘The Other Side of Bethlehem’ – a poem by Leslie Moon. Sadly, also her last post with Pen of the Damned – Leslie you will be greatly missed! Read closely friends, this is not a work that praises the glory of the legend, but shows us the underbelly of a beast that many worship blindly to this day. Elusive commentary, I know – but take from it what you will…

Soft caressing satin sheets the finest weave
laid out awaiting our grey mistress
today the surroundings a lowly cave
but tomorrow she says ” it will be a palace”
for she is deserved of the world’s best


We shudder as she draws near
her greatness is in contrast to our lowliness
I behold her and see earth’s riches clear
etched in her skin, reflected off her eyes, in her touch
my mate is poised to rearrange all and such


Fearing that the perfumes and oils
do not emulate her beauteous perfection
we like dogs in our groveling toil
have no ability to bark
we whimper at her approach in the dark


She kicks my mate across the rocky ground
“FOOLS don’t you know what is occurring
can’t you hear the angels’ grating sound?”
we had been too busy to listen to music
so heavenly, it would make…

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