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 Hey Coffin Hoppers! Welcome to The Road to Nowhere…

I’ll be posting EIGHT drabbles during the EIGHT days of Coffin Hop this year. At the end of the hop, I’ll be choosing four winners from the comments left on the accumulated posts to each receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card! So speak up, and speak often – each day’s comment will be an additional entry into the random drawing.

While you’re at it, be sure to visit my other two blogs, ‘Spreading the Writer’s Word‘ and ‘Sotet Angyal – The Dark Angel‘ for new features every day, and plenty of goodies up for grabs. And don’t forget to visit the other hard working Coffin Hoppers who are doing their best to make this years hop as spooktacular as possible!

Good luck, and have fun!!!

Sacred Charge

handleDay after day I have grasped you, clung to your surface, held you as though you were yet a remnant of her. Many the night I sat below you, gazing upward; wishing, hoping, never praying. Have I made you my false idol? Perhaps. But in your solemn stance, you guard over all that was precious to me, how can I blame you? But I do. My mind bleeds for what should have been, for the chance never to have seen you. My tears shed upon your unyielding beauty only add to my remorse for what lies beyond your sacred charge.

A Few Details About The Drabble

I belong to a writing group called Pen of the Damned, this image and drabble first appeared as one of our comparative flash features. Click on this Pen of the Damned link to read how the other members drew inspiration from this image as well. Oh, and just a little pat on the back – I’m the photographer, too!

Meet the Damned

Joseph A. Pinto          Craig McGray         Magenta Nero
Jon Olson
                  Blaze McRob           Tyr Kieran
Zack Kullis
                Thomas Brown       Leslie Moon
Hunter Shea              Nina D’Arcangela