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But You Didn’t … I Promise


Dear Human,

Life is to short to wait.

Wait for what you might be asking.

Life is to short to wait to be kind. It is to short to wait to practice compassion. It is way to short to wait for a reason to help others.

Life is to short to wait to love. It is to short to spend anytime judging anyone, self included.

Life is so short that by the time you truly realize how short life as human is, you’ll most likely regret what would appear as much time wasted on your behalf. But it wasn’t. I promise.

You did exactly what you needed to do to get to the point in your mind where you could fully embrace that LIFE IS TO SHORT TO WAIT.

So now that you can wrap your eternal mind around your mortal time as human, please do.

BE all that you are intrinsically capable of being … starting right now. One day at a time.

TIME IS FLEETING precious sentient being but you’re not, even if life as human with the restrictions of time is way to short to wait.


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