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The Artist for Blogophilia Week 47.6

Poem by Susan Koenig

So captivating,

I wanted her to be mine.

Ripe and ready for my caresses,

her curves aroused me,

her texture enticed me.

She was a Beauty, definitely no Lady. 


I introduced myself.

Her smile  melted my soul.

She needed me as much as I desired her.

She was the one.


I set the scene.

They call me the Artist.


I know all the right places,

between her joints,

and her head,

from top to bottom I gingerly  ignited her core.


Soon she smoldered,

she was so hot.

The center of my being heated in return.

I took myself in hand.


Her eyes glowed,

her hair stretched silkily and lit up the black sky.

She moaned,

urging me to go faster.

But pleasure is meant to be prolonged.

Patience my dear, restraint.

But she would wait no longer.


Finally with one last keening scream she collapsed.

Her pleasure baked  my heart.

just as I released my own red hot flames.




Fire, I love you.


Susan Koenig copyright – aka Sassyspeak.wordpress.com
Written for
Blogophilia Week 47.6 Topic: Silky Soft and Stretchy
Bonus Points:
(Hard, 2 points) Incorporate “the smell of gingerbread baking”
(Easy, 1 point) Include 2 animal character names from a Disney film.

Sue will soon be publishing her first collection of poetry and 100 word shorts (drabbles) – be sure to keep an eye out for it! She’s a talented writer, a lovely lady to know, and a devoted follower of
Pen of the Damned.

You can find her at SassySpeaks – Writing Creatively One Word at a Time