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My friend Blaze penned this lovely little piece of economic satire, and I couldn’t agree more with the underlying message. You’ll have to look for it if you want more than a chuckle or a grimace, but be warned, this is not a tale of cheer nor one to be shared with the kiddies!

Icy Fingers Up And Down His Ass

by Blaze McRob

It’s damned cold.  My job went south, and I stayed up north. So it’s on the streets for me.

A  Porta  John sits in the park and I crawl inside. At least I’m out of the wind.

The door slams open. Santa lifts me and throws me on the ground. “I have to take a shit, Bozo. Vamoose.”

Before he can turn around to sit, I take a handful of icy branches from a nearby bush, shove them up his ass, and knock the outhouse over.

I’ll bet there’s a warm blanket or four on his sled . . .

Given the number of jobless, homeless, and destitute this Holiday Season, Blaze’s piece points a grim finger at the gluttony of commercialism.

The want for most of us to look away and not taint our own holiday cheer with the misfortune of others is a sad reality. I say we should all look, otherwise how can our joy be worth anything if we aren’t willing to reach out a kind hand – with even the most meager offering – to those in need.

A very Happy Holiday season to everyone!

May we all have a warm blanket!