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Welcome to Coffin Hop 2013, and welcome guest author Armand Rosamilia!

A few words from Armand….

ArmandRosamiliaThis guest blog post is pretty much going to be a thinly veiled spammage about my excellent zombie series, Dying Days. I hope.

Cover art plays a key part with any book, no matter the genre you write or read in. If you look at romance, especially the plethora of paperbacks released in the 80’s and 90’s, you’ll see the familiar: hot guy who somehow lost his shirt, gorgeous woman showing some skin, and they are about to kiss as the world moves without them in the background.

But let’s talk horror for a bit. You’ve seen plenty of covers: the ill-lit haunted house, the glowing red eyes in the dark, a monstrous silhouette in a graveyard… it’s horror, what do we expect?

Now, let’s go deeper: zombie book covers. The one that hooked me, made me curious, and started me on this journey for reading and writing zombie books was The Rising by Brian Keene. The filthy zombie arms trying to reach through the rush job of the wooden barricade… awesome.

The rest of the Brian Keene zombie covers set a nice bar for me and most authors. I spent my time reading everything I could get my hands on, especially zombie anthologies, so I could find even more quality zombie authors. And I found quite a few. “Dead Like Me” by Adam-Troy Castro is still my favorite zombie short story, but there are many more I loved.

And then… suddenly zombies were everywhere, and it led to a ton of new zombie books and zombie authors. And more and more zombie covers. And more and more cover artists who seemed to use the same five zombie stock footage shots for every cover out there. I won’t point out the exact covers, since you’ve all seen them (and it’s a shame in some cases, because the stories themselves are brilliant and original).

When it was time to get a cover for my own Dying Days novella, I wanted it to be different, but still a zombie cover. My stories were set on the beaches of Florida, and I contracted Ash Arceneaux for my covers and told her ‘zombies on a beach’… I know, I am brilliant. It turned out (total coincidence) she was also from Florida, and even knew Flagler Beach and St. Augustine quite well, where the stories are set.

Dying Days 3 is the latest, and once again she’s given me a brilliant cover for it. All three are tied in together, without them just being a rehash of the one that came before. I’d also like to think they are unique as far as zombie covers, since most of them out there rely on dark backgrounds, evil-looking cemeteries and abandoned buildings, etc. My covers are nice tourist attraction advertisements, sun and sand, except for rotting corpses smiling at you. Enjoy Florida… just don’t get bitten.

Those people (whoever they are) tell you not to judge a book by its cover, but don’t we all? I want to see something different. If you keep seeing the same stock cover over and over, you lose sight of a good book waiting for you to read. That’s a real shame.

OK, shameless plug guest blog now over… check out my Amazon Author page to buy not only the Dying Days series, but all of my other amazing work… OK… NOW shameless plug is over… Visit Armand on his author page on Amazon.

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Armand Rosamilia lives in sunny Florida but hates the beach. Actually, he likes looking at the beach from his spot at Kokomo’s Café in Flagler Beach and seeing the tourists sunning and swimming, but sand bothers him. He’d rather be bitten by a zombie. Actually, he’d rather be drunk on banana bread beer. Who is he kidding? And why is he speaking in third person?  http://armandrosamilia.com

Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer
New Cover Reveal!

Yep, I’ve decided to change the cover to my zombie novella Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer, the prequel to the Dying Days zombie series. Why? I was never really 100% happy with the cover and I didn’t think the cover really represented Darlene Bobich herself. She was way too Lara Croft for my tastes, but I think the new model better represents what Darlene looks like to me… and hopefully to her many readers.

DyingDays_cover_revealThirteen tales of Darlene Bobich!
The prequel to the successful “Dying Days” zombie novella
Includes a free preview of “Dying Days”

The best part? It’s still only 99 cents right now on Amazon!

The Goods man, gimme the goods!
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