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Welcome to Coffin Hop 2013, and welcome
The Carnival 13, a collective charity novella!

A few words from Julianne…

juliannesnowLast year, Jason Darrick, Brent Abell and I got together to talk about spearheading a charity project. We wanted to create a collaborative novella where the story was continued by the next author who got a hold of it. And we wanted the proceeds from the novella to benefit a worthy cause. And so The Carnival 13 was born…

There are 13 authors who have contributed chapters to the book, each of them taking over from the last and never having read the story line before it was their turn. There was no planning, just reaction and let me tell you, all of these authors were in fine form! The end result is a fantastic (if I do say so myself) tale of horror, all wrapped up in a creepy carnival of secrets. See for yourself…

Come one, come all! Step right up and join thirteen masters of macabre literature as they take you on a journey unlike anything you’ve ever traveled. We’ve got freaks, fantasy and fear; all lined up waiting to take your breath away.

Will you be tempted by the Freaks of the Flesh? Astounded by the Freaks of Fantasy? Baffled by the Freaks of the Mind? All this and more await you for just the small price of three tickets… and your soul.

Featuring all-new and exclusive chapters from John Everson; Jason Darrick; Dan Dillard; Charles Colyott; Dale Eldon; James Garcia Jr.; Matt Schiariti; Anne Michaud; Rebecca Besser; Armand Rosamilia; Jon Olson; Brent Abell; and Julianne Snow – this twisted tale will leave you gasping until your last breath.

And now a little bit about our chosen charity – Scares That Care!

Scares That Care! is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides money, toys and other items to help sick children. We have two other programs consisting of Scares For Pairs, where we help women fighting breast cancer; We also have partnered with horror icon Kane Hodder, and we created the I Helped Kane program, where we provide assistance to those children who have suffered serious burn injuries.

Led by horror film director and retired police officer Joe Ripple, this benefit will utilize the fan base of the horror, haunt and Halloween genres to raise funds and awareness for those in need. We plan to have a GREAT time holding benefits, by showing films, having silent auctions and maybe getting lucky enough to have a few celebrity appearances along the way. Our success depends upon YOU.

Won’t you please help us make someone’s dream come true? Come on, Horror Fans! Unite for a common cause! WE ARE AN ALL VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION, WHICH MEANS THAT 100% OF YOUR DONATION GOES TO THOSE WHO NEED IT!

And with that, we invite you to step right up, purchase a ticket and take a ride on the tilt-a-whirl before entering the Freak Show…

The Carnival 13
13 authors (A Collective Novella)

TheCarnival13_CoverAvailable on Amazon!

The Goods man, gimme the goods!
Okay darlings, here is how you go about winning a Coffin Hop goodie on this blog: Leave a comment on any or all of the posts that are tagged ‘Coffin Hop 2013’ and at the end of the Hop, I’ll randomly pick 5 overall winners and let them choose whichever e-book they’d like from the sixteen that are being featured and happily buy them a copy. Its that easy! And don’t forget to show some luv for these fine authors by tweeting, sharing on Facebook, Google, WordPress, or anywhere else you may roam!

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