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Welcome to Coffin Hop 2013, and welcome guest author Penelope Crowe!

A few words from Penelope….

PenelopeCrowe100 UNFORTUNATE DAYS started as an exercise in futility…me trying to be organized. I was writing down ideas for short stories and ideas and feeling and trying to negotiate them around one-another to come up with an anthology that stood out from other anthologies.

As I was re-reading it on a train trip to Florida, I thought to myself that I sounded like a lunatic in these stories…and I thought THAT’S IT! That is the thread that will make it stand out. All the tales will be pages from the diary of a madwoman. It was the most fun I ever had writing because I was not tied to anything…no guidelines, no grammar issues, not even a theme or using quotation marks.


The interesting thing that happened was that people read it and were scared. I ended up putting in under horror and psychology because some said it was one of the scariest things they had ever read, so I figured I would take advantage of it.

100 Unfortunate Days
by Penelope Crowe

100UnfortunateDays_PenelopeCroweDark, creepy, and written like a diary. Not for the faint of heart.

If you stumbled upon the diary of a stranger you might be compelled to read. If you stumbled upon the diary of a madwoman–how could you turn away?

“100 Unfortunate Days is a narcotic head-trip to the dark side of the narrator’s mind. I’ve read books that gave me the creeps, read books that gave me nightmares, but until 100 Unfortunate Days, I’d never read a book that made me certain that the act of reading was inviting the attention of raw evil. Crowe delivers a blistering look into the furnace of madness, and does it with aplomb.”

“Crowe has crafted a journal of 100 days that can make you laugh, sigh, and frown all in one “day”. Theological, anti-spiritual, psychological, just plain weird… Crowe has a grasp of the reality and truth of this world and life that many others could never put into words – though they understand it to be true. 100 Unfortunate Days reads like the inner-workings of a dream – lyrical, powerful, and full of lessons, if you only know where to find them.”

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