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Welcome to Coffin Hop 2013, and welcome guest author Thomas Brown!

Thomas offers us a little insight on his book, Lynnwood….

ThomasBrown“A quintessentially British folk horror, with an escalating power of dread that is rendered deftly. A new voice in British horror, that you’ll want to read, has entered the field.” Adam Nevill, Author of THE RITUAL and HOUSE OF SMALL SHADOWS

LYNNWOOD is a haunting story about hunger and human nature. It is about the boundaries of civilisation and what happens when the people of Lynnwood broach those boundaries, stepping too far from the village into the wilderness of the surrounding Forest.

“[A] poetic, slow-moving, haunting read. [Brown] does an outstanding job of painting a picture of a rural idyll and then slowly, gently, peeling away the layers to reveal the horror that lies beneath.”
Zoe Markham, ‘Literatus’

I worked on the book for the first year of my MA Creative Writing course at university. We often shared pieces of writing in workshops or with our tutors, so these kinds of situations presented ideal opportunities to share my developing story. During these meetings we discussed various aspects of the writing process, whether voice, atmosphere, character or plot – whatever we felt needed working on, really. It was a real asset; to be able to share my progress with a variety of readers and writers, all at different stages of their own writing journeys. At the end of the academic year, I had the first draft of a completed manuscript that felt very much my own.

“The way it morphs from the quaint and picturesque to the feral is deeply unsettling and fascinating in equal measure, making you question how stable our sense of civilisation really is. It has the earthy, eerie folklore flavour of Adam Nevill, Clive Barker and the Wicker Man […] Yet Brown’s voice is powerfully and uniquely his own.”
Patty Dohle, Waterstones Bookseller

A work of fiction tells us a lot about the time in which it was written. Gothic fiction and, more recently, horror fiction, is no different. With this in mind, LYNNWOOD forces us to question who we are and what might happen when our more primal urges are persistently repressed…

by Thomas Brown


The unthinkable is happening in Lynnwood – a village with centuries of guilt on its conscience.

Who wouldn’t want to live in an idyllic village in the English countryside like Lynnwood? With its charming pub, old dairy, friendly vicar, gurgling brooks, and its old paths with memories of simpler times.

But behind the conventional appearance of Lynnwood’s villagers, only two sorts of people crawl out of the woodwork: those who hunt and those who are prey. Visitors are watched by an entity between the trees where the Dark Ages have endured to the twenty-first century. Families who have lived behind stone walls and twitching curtains know that the gusts of wind blowing through the nearby alluring Forest bring with them a stench of delightful hunger only Lynnwood can appease.

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