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Welcome to Coffin Hop 2013, and welcome guest author Thea Gregory!

A few words from Thea….

Horror Books and Horror Games: An unlikely pairing?

TheaGregoryI’m Thea Gregory. I write the Zombie Bedtime Stories. I also love zombie themed video games. I think there’s a great deal that horror authors can learn from the horror survival genre.

Suspense makes up a huge part of the gaming experience. Just as with characters in a book, every sound has an unthinkable source, and danger lurks around every corner. As a writer, I often find myself able to disconnect from the experience of reading a book—a feat any experience reader is capable of. I can slip out of the uncomfortable moments and analyze the grammar, the wording, or anything else. What makes for good study is absolutely terrible for my enjoyment of a good, spooky read.

With a game, if I slip into “analyze everything” mode, I die. I’m forced to experience the adrenaline and thrill of horror.  Being forced to live the story in the moment is what keeps the fear fresh. I’m not in control of the experience, which is what really matters.

So, next time you want some inspiration, skip the movie. Try Left 4 Dead 2 on for size.

Locked In
by Thea Gregory

LockedIn_TheaGregoryHaley is enjoying her new job as a paramedic on a beautiful summer’s day. Not even her dour and sullen partner, Frank, can deflate her enthusiasm for life. Responding to a routine call near her former high school, she is excited to see her old hang-out spot, the park. On arrival, something is clearly wrong, and Haley is attacked by one of her old friends.

Soon, she begins to experience disturbing changes in her personality and food preferences, until she wakes up a zombie.

Her consciousness is suspended in a body that she can’t control, and she needs to find a way to escape.

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