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Welcome to Coffin Hop 2013, and welcome guest author Zack Kullis!

A few words from Zack….

ZackKullisHorror.  I want to take you through a time-lapse view of what Horror has been for me.  Think of it as one of those videos that many of us saw in school where we watch an animal go through the stages of decomposition – only in reverse.  While the animal changes from something soft and identifiable to a fetid pile of rot beneath slender bones, my history with horror starts with a vague group of separate elements that slowly stitch together to form who and what I am today.

I have always loved reading.  As I kid I would walk to the library, find a book I liked and read it there. When I was ready to leave, I’d find a few books to bring home and read over the next couple of days.  This process changed when I found horror.  I’d read scary books, but I’m talking about HORROR – real HORROR!  I remember when I picked up Pet Cemetery by Stephen King.  I read the back cover, looked at the imagery on the front, and the emotions that surged through my system were like a literary orgasm.  Fear.  Excitement.  Unhallowed.  Forbidden.  The pull of the unknown and grotesque was too much to resist.  I took it home to read in bed before falling asleep, and ended up falling in love with the terror of it all.

More!  I wanted more.  Ever since that night I have sought those same emotions like a Tweeker jonesing for his next fix.  Demons, witches, monsters, devils, aliens, the occult, and all things that go bump in the night – such were my drugs.  Then came the day I realized the balance between heart pounding, blood pumping, gut wrenching horror and loveable werewolves and vampires was out of whack.  I had just finished reading Salem’s Lot and was already itching for something else.  “What if,” I thought, “I were to write something?”

My love of reading, like a pile of bones, found itself drawn to the pile of rot that was horror and terror.  They evolved.  Bone and sinew, skin and flesh, came together over the years and coagulated to form a large part of who I am today.  My books aren’t pretty.  They aren’t for the weak of heart or stomach, they are for those who are seeking the same fix I am.  I’m no Stephen King, E.A. Poe or Clive Barker, nor am I Lovecraft, Koontz, or Ambrose Bierce.   What I am is a guy that loves the emotions real Horror evokes.  I am an author that is at the beginning of his macabre journey down a dark road, dragging a growing number of readers behind me.

Realm Crossing (Smite the Damned)
by Zack Kullis

RealCrossin_ZackKullisAfter fighting overwhelming odds, Keith Da Silva travels to a realm of brilliant light and immense darkness in search of an item that will help him in his fight. When intrigue and treachery bring his plan to the attention of his adversaries, demons and a powerful Nephilim lead Keith into a deadly trap.

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Author Bio:

I have lived in a few foreign countries, but call the USA my home. My high school years were spent at the American School of Mexico City. After graduation I moved to Brazil for a while, and then went on to college after I returned stateside.

I currently work for a Federal Law Enforcement agency with assignments that range from working in foreign countries to domestic assignments. I’m also a member of our Division’s SWAT team. Much of my work has put me in touch with some of the darkest sides of humanity. I know monsters.

In a perfect world, I would find myself retired from the agency, living in a villa on Turks and Caicos, and dividing my time between writing and diving. Between now and my arrival at this “perfect world” (I’m just waiting for my visa), I will share my joy in writing with any reader that might enjoy my work.

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