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Welcome to Coffin Hop 2013, and welcome guest author Jolea M. Harrison!

A few words from Jolea….


All things Ghosts and Ghouls

I live in a haunted house, so it’s no wonder that I ended up with ghosts and creepy undead villains in my books. It was and is a natural progression for me to include those sorts of elements. Write what you know, we’re told.

The ghosts in my house go back to the Civil War, I’m fairly certain. A young soldier died in the house, rather than in the disease infested field hospital, due to the owner being a doctor who regularly tended soldiers during the Battle of Bristoe Station and the First and Second Battle of Manassas. This very young man didn’t die from battle wounds, but from illness, and in a turn of fate, he didn’t die in a camp or among strangers. Dr. John D. Payne (yes, really), was originally from Alabama, as was the soldier. The doctor pulled him out the field hospital in an attempt to save him from the diseases that were running rampant through the troops. Certainly this boy’s family must have taken comfort in the knowledge that their son was tended by a fellow Alabamian and perhaps someone they knew.

Every now and again, mostly on warm summer evenings just as the sun has set below the horizon, the mist on the field takes shape, and if you look closely, you’ll see them – soldiers crossing the field. If you’re out among them as they make their way down a path long ago taken to a bloody battlefield, it will literally take your breath away.

There’s also an in house ghost, a lady who I’ve seen walking from room to room, though she glides more than walks – also from the same era as the soldiers, wearing not a full hooped skirt, but one that certainly has petticoats and bustles. She has long, wavy brown hair and I used to see her sitting at the foot of my son’s bed when he was little and still shared a room with his older sister. I’ve heard her going up and the down the stairs, and occasionally, the smell of lavender will follow her. More recently, we’ve had a visitation of a spirit that prefers vanilla.

A few pictures – okay, more than a few – have been thrown off the walls, repeatedly until the frames are too broken to repair, not to mention glass ends up all over. Doors slamming and lights turning on, off and on again are all part of the expected in this old house.

Some people might wonder why I would chose to live in such a house, where at any moment, any time day or night, you can expect to encounter the supernatural walking from one room to the next. The simple truth is, there is such a thing as a friendly ghost.

Almost no one believes me when I tell them that.

My series Guardians of the Word features a few ghosts and a few very unfriendly soul-sucking monsters. The first book, Chosen, is free on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Myth: Book 2 of The Guardians of the World Series
by Jolea M. Harrison

Myth_JoleaMHarrisonBehind the veil that separates the living from the dead, awaits the teeming horde. Evil bides its time, probing for weakness. It slithers across the divide, searching for the weak, the insane, the criminal mind, and even the average citizen of Cobalt, commanding them. The order is to kill. The target…
Seventeen-year-old Dynan Telaerin’s biggest challenge is keeping the woman he loves and the brother he adores from being in the same room at the same time. Liselle Tremault and Dain Telaerin despise one another, forcing Dynan to choose between them, but a murder plot against him abruptly trumps other concerns. Visions of the destruction of civilization follow, turning shadowy dreams into the possibility of terrible reality. The lines blur between what is evil and what is good as one seeks to destroy him and the other seeks to delay his future. The methods each side employs to attain their goals are remarkably similar, leaving Dynan in a desperate race for his life.MYTH is the second book of the Guardians of the Word fantasy series and considers the complications of truth and intention, where one may not be conducive to the other and where some evil is necessary to negate others.

MYTH is suitable for mature young adults.

Available on Amazon & Barnes and Noble.
The Chronicles are Chosen, Myth, Telepath, Legend, Union, Seer, Adept, and King and need to be read in order to follow the evolving story.


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