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Originally posted on Pen of the Damned December 25, 2012

Empty Hearts

On a brisk December morning

Children dreamt of Holiday delights

A vile storm was brewing

To extinguish 27 lights

Little sisters with their new clothes

Little boys in wintry white

A storm thick was waiting

To extinguish 27 lights

The end of a new day

Who could see the darkest spite

A storm now was ready

To extinguish 27 lights

As the stars are just dawning

Look up high in the night

They are singing others playing

Missed, Precious 27 lights


Empty Stockings

27 stockings hung

My empty heart

Joins you on the pyre

Feelings are completely rung

no hope of life’s gift

of your love I am bereft


If I flung

myself before finality did start

into memory’s fire

flames would purify and lift

casting this pain adrift


No presents slung

On Santa’s jolly cart

can satisfy under ache so dire

no happy hugs to sift

this cold pale Christmas

~ Leslie Moon

© Copyright 2012 Leslie Moon. All Rights Reserved.

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