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Stalking the Damned, palaver with Blaze.
by Zack Kullis

Our passage through darkness continues as we stalk the Damned.   I take you on this journey with iniquitous excitement, knowing full well that that we might not leave this sinister realm.

We pass into depths full of woe and fright, of Mephistophelian delights where Cthulhu still walks with the Elder Gods.  Close your eyes if you wish.  Take my cloak for guidance, but know it is far too late for safety.

The descent takes us down a path filled with smoke, heat, and the growing sounds of another being.  Rounding a corner, we find a large figure standing back from a hellish fire.  His face is unreadable in the red glow,  but the malice and cunning in his eyes makes us falter in our steps.

“This is Blaze”, I whisper in your ear.  ”Let me speak for both of us…”

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