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In honor of Coffin Hop 2012, I’m hosting a guest post from Horror Author and Pen of the Damned member Hunter Shea, who has graciously offered to give away two $5 gift cards from Samhain publishing to two lucky winners! Details are at the bottom ;}

“Why I Write Horror”

You know, this is probably the easiest question I’ve had to answer all year. I write horror because I just don’t have a choice. No, it’s not because I’ve been enslaved by my editor at Samhain to pen stories that will haunt your dreams, twisting them into nightmares. There are no guns to my head and no sinister voices in my ear whispering, “Write about the beast that gobbles kiddies like Gummy Bears.” Although that voice has served me well over the years, I’m not beholden to it.

No, I write horror because I am horror. When you’re a little kid (we’re talking riding a tricycle) and watching The Exorcist, A Clockwork Orange and Day of the Triffids, and NOT screaming for mommy, you know the horror DNA is fully implanted. My first ‘big people’ book was Stephen King’s Night Shift. I jumped from that straight to Lovecraft. Being a teen in the 80’s was like living in a horror candy store. The movies and books couldn’t come out fast enough, and I have yet to be sated.

I love monsters and ghosts and demons and blood and bumps in the night and all things horrid and horrifying. As I get older, I crave even more. I’m sitting here writing this post with Elvira, Vampirella, Frankenstein and The Mummy staring me in the face. A host of gray gargoyles look on with empty eyes as I tap away at my keyboard.

Hurricane Sandy is knocking at my door, and the howling winds fuel my soul. Horror is my blood, my essence, my reason for being plopped on this planet. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to turn down the lights and visit the beast that lives in my basement.

 Hunters latest release, Swamp Monster Massacre!

Come visit some of my wicked creatures in Swamp Monster Massacre!

The swamp belongs to them. Humans are only prey.

Deep in the overgrown swamps of Florida, where humans rarely dare to enter, lives a race of creatures long thought to be only the stuff of legend. They walk upright but are stronger, taller and more brutal than any man. And when a small boat of tourists, held captive by a fleeing criminal, accidentally kills one of the swamp dwellers’ young, the creatures are filled with a terrifyingly human emotion—a merciless lust for vengeance that will paint the trees red with blood.

And enjoy this excerpt:

“Just hold on, baby!”

He was inches from shore when the beasts bent at the knees in a concerted effort and tugged. Carol came apart in three shredded hunks as easily as a cheap piñata. One of them held a portion that contained her right leg, part of her torso, neck, and worst of all, still-screaming head.


John meant to empty every bullet he had in his gun, but it had been lost in the water.

Another shot rang out, biting off the trunk of a tree.

He heard someone shout, “John, get back!”

Carol’s eyes settled on his, and her shouting, and her pain, stopped. A final tear snaked down her cheek, and she was silent.

The skunk apes tossed her pieces into the water, beating at the ground with their massive hands and screeching, baring jagged, yellow teeth.

A hand grabbed John’s shoulder and pulled him away. It was Jack. Dazed, John went limp and allowed himself to be trailed along like a floatable pool toy. His stomach heaved and he threw up.


He couldn’t save her.

Please forgive me! I failed you when you needed me most!

He blocked out the impossible horror on the shore. He could only see the final, pleading moment in Carol’s eyes.


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In honor of Coffin Hop 2012, Hunter has graciously offered to donate two $5 gift cards to Samhain publishing to two lucky winners who comment on this post. That’s all you need to do, just leave a comment below – even if it’s just to say Hey Hunter!

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