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In honor of Coffin Hop 2012, I’m hosting a guest post from Horror Author and fellow Sirens Call Publications minion Julianne Snow, who has graciously offered to give away a free print version of her book Days with the Undead: Book One, to one lucky winner! Details are at the bottom ;}

Because… But That’s Just The Easy Answer
Julianne Snow

I was recently asked the question – why do you write horror? In answer to that, I didn’t need a moment to think. I knew the answer to that particular question, just as easily as I know to the answers to many other common questions. I write horror because it’s what I love. It’s what I live for. It’s what comes out of me when I put pen to paper or when my fingers type incessantly on the keys of my laptop.

Could I write in other genres? Absolutely. And at times I do. But my first love is horror. I was exposed from an early age to the different facets of the horror genre and with passing time, that exposure only expanded.

Genre writing is a something that I have always seen myself doing, even at a time when writing wasn’t at the forefront of my existence. Now that I live to write, it’s rooted even more deeply in my core.

I love the feel of a scare as you craft it with words. The subtle chill that crawls up your spine as you become immersed in what you are writing. The gradual tensing of all your muscles in anticipation of the reveal moment. It’s a heady mix of emotions that culminate in that moment that makes you sit back, read your own words, and think to yourself I just wrote that… as you shudder in fear.

Those are the feelings I crave and I’m lucky enough to provoke them each and every time I sit down to work on one of my WIPs. I hope my words convey the meanings I intend.

Stay scared my friends…


Days with the Undead by Julianne Snow

“Four days ago my world, the world, went to hell and I don’t think it’s coming back. From what I’ve been able to gather from Ben, Brooks VanReit, who I will refer to as Patient Zero from this point, came into the ER of St. Michael’s Hospital with practically non-existent vital signs. The staff assigned to treat him tried to resuscitate him but their efforts failed. Sometime between 7:30AM and 7:45AM, he was pronounced dead and as quickly as he died, he came back to life. From what I understand, the doctors and nurses first thought they were witnessing a miracle. They immediately found out how wrong they were.

Ben had tucked himself away in the nearby nurse’s station while completing a few charts before going home and he said he had a fairly good view of what transpired. His description of the carnage left in the wake of the reawakening is brutal. As a doctor, you get used to the sight of blood but even Ben tried to impress upon us the sheer volumes that covered the ER that day. It was all over the floors making any means of escape difficult if you were in the direct vicinity of the attacks. Arterial spray marked the walls in long sweeping arcs of crimson. It didn’t take long for the nurses and doctors who had been working on Patient Zero and thus been attacked in the chaos that erupted to reawaken and start attacking other people. It was like a wave, attack, death and then reawakening. The more that were attacked, the more that came back. And in one of the busiest Emergency Rooms in Toronto, it was absolute pandemonium. With blood everywhere and many of his colleagues succumbing to death and then entering a second life of sorts, Ben knew it was only going to get worse…”


In honor of Coffin Hop 2012, Julianne has graciously offered to donate a print copy of her book, Days with the Undead: Book One, to one winner who comments on this post. That’s all you need to do, just leave a comment below – even if it’s just to say Hi Julie!

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