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In honor of Coffin Hop 2012, I’m hosting a guest post from Horror Author and Pen of the Damned member Tyr Kieran, who has graciously offered to give away a free e-copy of his story Getting Better, to one lucky winner! Details are at the bottom ;}

“Why I Write Horror”

My name is Tyr Kieran – \Tie-er Keer-awn\ I’m a storyteller and horror writer from the greater Philadelphia area. After being mesmerized in the fourth grade by an audio recording of Vincent Price reading Poe’s The Pit and the Pendulum, I became fascinated with the Horror genre. Since then, I’ve come to realize that I’m drawn to Horror for its greater emotional and psychological range, also its variety and creativity. I wanted to create something that was exactly that. Writing manifested one day, from my dark subconscious, as the proper outlet. I quickly found that my pen flows only for Horror; it’s a struggle to write anything else—the intrigue just isn’t there otherwise. The darkness calls to me with its wriggling possibilities!


Getting Better by Tyr Kieran

Shaun is institutionalized. Traumatic events have led to his stay at Agronaville Mental Health Center, where he battles his inner demons. Witness his first group therapy session. Experience his struggle against the violent visions that threaten to consume him.

In this layered short story of horror fiction, you’ll be drawn into a psychological journey that you won’t soon forget. This tale is a gritty, emotional ride and for $0.99, I promise it’s well worth the price of admission!

“‘Getting Better’ is a dark, gritty read that takes an interesting look at mental illness from the patient’s perspective. The descriptions are smooth and detailed, and Kieran pulled me into the world of his narrative with a subtle yet powerful voice.”
– S.M. Boyce, Author of the successful dark fantasy book The Grimoire: Lichgates.

“Tyr Kieran’s Getting Better is as well-written as it is diabolical.”
— Tessa Dawn, Author of the Dark Fantasy Vampire Series: Blood Curse.


In honor of Coffin Hop 2012, Tyr has graciously offered to donate an e-version of Getting Better to one winner who comments on this post. That’s all you need to do, just leave a comment below – even if it’s just to say Hey Tyr!

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