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Hey there! I just got Jack’d 🙂

For those who don’t know, that means I just did an interview with Jack Wallen on his ‘Blood, Gore & Fabulous’ blog Monkeypantz.net. Thank you Jack for the opportunity to spread my insanity!

Here is an excerpt, and a link to the rest…

Nina D’Arcangelia Gets Jack’d

Known in some circles as the Dark Chipmunk, Nina has her evil paws in a lot of wicked pies. She’s the administrative and social coordinator of Sirens Call Publications and loves her some deep, dark, chunky fear. So let’s all break out the whips, chain saws, and gas masks for Nina!

LOL – I do like my fear dark and chunky, no doubt! And I’m more of a whips & chains kinda gal, with a pair or two of sturdy handcuffs thrown into the mix ;}

The subject of ‘what I’m known as’… buckle-up, this might get confusing! I’m the Dark Angel of Sirens Call Publications – that comes from my personal persona, not because anyone over there thinks I’m evil… well, not too evil anyway – as well as the owner of Dark Angel Photography. My Twitter ID is Sotet_Angyal which means ‘Dark Angel’ in Hungarian (Yup, I’m Hungarian by descent), and I’ve also titled the blog I choose to write in my own ‘voice’ for by the same name. I’m also known as a Chipmunk by some freakishly fine folks including the twisted and amazingly talented writers over at PenoftheDamned.com because instead of ‘Muwhahaha’ing’ things, I give out evil chipmunk chuckles when needed (which if you could hear me laugh, is a much more apt description of the sound emanating from my wicked little maw!). Yes, I spend a great deal of time making fun of myself – I’d much rather have you laughing with me then at me, but feel free to do so, I’ll roll with it; I’m THAT kind of girl too! Add in the fact that I’m a complete wise ass and, well *chuckling* is what you get.

Oh dark chippy, how you frighten the squirrels and other rodentia about town. They skitter and hide in the shadows as you pass by.

Hide my ass! You mean only the ones that manage to get away… Be assured the others suffer an agonizingly slow and squeal filled demise! One ‘munk per village – and that’s me. *evil chipmunk chuckles*

Fierce little ‘munk you are!

You haven’t a clue… (this is where the Muwhahaha goes, and my husband starts to shake and pee himself)

Okay – time to get serious.

It’s never time to get serious in my world… oh, wait – you mean act like an adult. Got’cha! I can do that for a bit.

Read the rest at Monkeypantz.net >>>