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Pink Pepper Press is releasing two novels in October (yummy – I know!)

The Falcon’s Chase
A Steampunk Romance by Kate Monroe

Captain Reuben Costello is just hours away from facing his execution when the unlikeliest of rescuers storms into his cell. Lady Arianne Dalton needs the assistance of the infamous Black Swan to flee England and all its constraints. He finds himself more than willing to help the fiercely independent Ari in exchange for his freedom.

However, when they come to find their fates inextricably tangled in a plot that threatens the very foundations of British society, they are swept away on a chase that puts not only their lives, but their hearts at risk – and neither of them can defy the wild and stormy ride they find upon the Falcon.

The Angels of Autumn
A Gay Erotic Thriller by Joshua Skye

Kincaid Kingsley returns to the town of his childhood after the death of his twin, Xander. Believing the crime to be motivated by hate and prejudice, Kincaid sets out to uncover why the police are no longer investigating the case, and to discover what really happened to his brother.

Things in the town of Wren are not as they seem however, and the closer Kincaid gets to the answer, the more danger he encounters. Why are all of the townspeople so afraid to share what they know?

As the mystery surrounding Xander’s death unravels, it becomes increasingly apparent that Wren has turned a blind eye to the events occurring within their community. Can Kincaid discover who killed his brother, and in the process, expose the evil lurking within Wren?