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Hello my pretties… (I love her inflection on that line!) ;}

Sirens Call Publications (aka The Mothership) has launched a new imprint, Pink Pepper Press to publish the Romance and Erotic bits that come our way that don’t quite fit in the SCP realm. We’re working on putting together our first anthology:

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Does he really love me? Or does he just love to toy with me? Tell us a tale of elation or woe. Romance us, make us feel like Goddesses; or tear our hearts to shreds with the atrocities that masquerade as ‘love’.

We’re not looking for anything too hard-core on this one, but we would like it to be nice and steamy – doesn’t every girl? You have until October 15th to (ahem) knock our stockings off. So, does he love me, or am I just a just an object of distraction… or is he?

click here for submission details and guidelines >>>