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Cherish your indie status before you succeed…

There is a lot to be said for being a big name in the ‘look, I’m an author’ (aka publishing) world, and a good deal of it rightfully deserved. But there is so much have-to in that world, that I would postulate some of ‘the best’ of these authors have let their imaginary friends shrivel from a form of malnutrition, crawl off into a dark-forgotten corner, and grow a layer of dust a foot deep. Don’t misunderstand me, I have my favorite contemporary authors who I will devotedly read whenever they publish, but at the same time – I can’t help but wonder what the book might have been like if they weren’t a ‘big name’? What if they still had the freedom to write anything they wanted to without contractual obligations or a need to deliver on a deadline? Would a book that I liked, but maybe didn’t love, have been much better if it wasn’t for the success-imposed fate that it and the author have been trapped into supporting?

You see, I want a Golden Goose too… and do I want it now? Okay, I’ll take it if you’re offering. But I’m willing to work for it. My work involves seeing to it that the world gets to have a taste of something different, something a tad off-center, something a bit not-so-norm. I’m not talking about my own writing; I do that for pure enjoyment and a need for emotional release, not as work. You guys, the indie authors, you are my proverbial Golden Goose. Not one of you, but each one of you together who still have the drive, determination, and maddening devotion to your work to let it all out, hang from a limb, and scream Me, Me, Me!

You still have a chance to take a giant snarling bite out of that edge and spit it straight at those of us willing to publish it. So do it – grab the edge, sharpen it, and ram it down our collective throats. The truth is every writer evolves, and those that achieve fame, or infamy on the way, tend to end up with a diamond studded collar and leash they thought they were begging for. But once chained, soon realize that what was their own ‘work’, is now part of the mass consumption monster that expects, demands, and come holy hell, delivers – like it or not!

Spread your wings before someone realized that you’re actually talented enough to have them clipped. Don’t fight success, that’s not my point. If it comes your way, grab it, hug it, lick it, and choke it to death if it tries to get away. But right now, while you still have the chance – express yourself freely, openly and give anything you get your hands on a good hardy squeeze! You never know what will pop out. No fear, no hesitation, no holding back because you ‘may’ succeed, but don’t wish to be judged. Grab that edge and give it every last drop you have to offer. You don’t need to do it my way, or anyone else’ way – do it your way, and if you manage to become a ‘big name’, don’t forget to play with your imaginary friends, you may no longer need them, but they’ll still need you.

Yeah, sad – I know – the NFL, NHL and MLB know nothing of my powers of persuasion. Guess you chumps are just gonna have to hear me rant my lunatic ravings here on the road to nowhere.

This is Duck Dodgers, signing off …  ;}