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It’s all in the edgy details…

Honestly – it really is. Anyone who reads my Sotet Angyal blog knows that what I genuinely enjoy writing, what really touches me deep down inside, and what spawns my imagination isn’t the thing, it’s the words that allow me to form an impression of something in the readers mind. Would I like the world to ‘get’ what I’m saying when I write from my dark little heart? Hell no! Get your grubby paws out of my head and learn to use your own imagination! Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Inspiring and sparking someone else; knowing that a, not the, light bulb has just flickered into being for them; the feeling that someone else loves the highs and the lows you are able to drag them through because they chose to sink their claws into your little bit of ramble.

When I write for myself, I write very emotively. While I don’t expect a short story, novella or novel to be infused with so much emotional punch that it knocks you out cold in the first 1000 words, I do expect to find an edge to it – no matter what genre it is. But let’s face it; I’m a horror chick, plain and simple, that’s what I like. Be it straight-up, in-your-face, screaming-in-your-seat horror, or just the atrocities of the human condition and the inglorious abomination it represents against nature, it’s horrific; and that’s still horror. Horror needs an edge! At least it does for me… and since it’s my blog, where my opinion rules supreme, we’re gonna politely agree that it does.

Being a publisher, (and don’t read this as ass-kissing because that’s not my style) I really do have a unique opportunity to read an extremely diverse range of pieces that come from an array of brilliant minds. I’m speaking of the creative, imaginative, and emotional twists they travel. Minds that are genuinely open to expressing new paths to wonderfully horrific ideas.

This time, I actually do want you to ‘get’ what I’m saying, so I’m going to post my editorial rant in The Sirens Call eZine – August Issue #04

Dark and what was that? Oh yeah – Edgy: An Editorial

Sirens Call Publications is a Purveyor of Dark & Edgy Fiction. Hmmm… Kalla’s got Dark covered in this issue, so I think I’ll take a crack at Edgy.

We get asked by email all the time: what does Dark & Edgy mean? My response is always the same: it means different things to different people. But if someone really pinned me down and wanted to know what my personal take on edgy was, I think I’d have to reply with a question in return. What makes you the most uncomfortable? I’m not one easily frightened off by the dark, so edgy is the part that really fuels my fire.

Edgy isn’t a difficult term to define. Query it on any search engine and I’m sure you’ll find hundreds of sites that ‘define’ edgy.

The real question is: What does Edgy feel like? Edgy is more of an emotional response, a feeling that is provoked, than a quantifiable ‘something’ in my world. Edgy is a state of mind, a presence of being that makes me hum with excitement – not the happy crappy high pitched chattering of pretty little girls in pink sun dresses, or the tunes that matronly women with perfectly tended gardens croon. My humming is a vibration that penetrates straight to my core and shakes my very foundation.

Edgy makes me feel a little uneasy, a bit squirmy, a tad out of my comfort zone. Edgy makes my mind spin three times faster than the multitude of revolutions it’s already moving at. Ramp up my inner RPMs, that’s edgy; make me sit forward with my nose pressed to the screen while reading;  that’s edgy; force me to be so aware of my own eye movement that I have to consciously guard against a quick flick down the page to rush the end of the story, that’s edgy!

A really decent edgy piece makes my mind scream for more, while my eyes are begging forgiveness that the words have ended. It’s an intensity that drives me mad in the most spectacular fashion, while at the same time creeps its way up my spine and whispers wickedly into my ear you know, this could actually happen! That is freakin’ EDGY!

I consider myself very fortunate to be in the position I am, and to read the variety of pieces that pass across my electronic desk. The crafting of the wordsmiths I am privileged enough to read sing their tale through my mind as I absorb each and every word. Others shock me with the level of intensity they are able to draw from a few perfectly placed, yet poignantly significant terms. While other still, leave me breathless with anticipation at the edge of a cliff – my own imagination forced to finish the telling. There has to be an ending, right? You can’t just be left hanging there? You have to know what happens next, don’t you? All these questions, but only one real answer – Yes! You can be left dangling on the edge; the precipice the authors choosing, the plummet all you ladies and gents.

That, in no uncertain terms, is Edgy by my standards – and I love every second of it!

If you want to read more ‘edgy’, pick up the eZine on Amazon or our site, Sirens Call Publications.

That’s it for now, more of my lunatic ravings to come here on the road to nowhere.

This is Duck Dodgers, signing off …  ;}