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Basically today sucked! Top to bottom, left to right. A day of wreckage and feeling like the little turds that float on top of the water in an uncleaned fishbowl – you know, the little brown worms that don’t move…

My eyes are sore from photo editing, my brain aches from reading, I miss my Mare desperately (more on that at a later date), and the idea of choking the living shit out of something isn’t as a far off a fantasy as I’d like it to be.

For my friends who are in pain, and there are three I can put a virtual finger on, know I died a little with you today; and for my twinsie that is (hopefully) still elated, I borrowed a bit of your air current to keep me floating today.

But on the up side, I did manage to get in a mini-massage plus a pedi and had my nails painted “Fishnet Stockings” Red!

Beyond that, I have nothing to say that isn’t offensive and vile, so torturing my live-alongside with my mere presence is the only course of action left to me right now, and I’m taking it.