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Welcome to here, wherever the hell that is… I’m guessing a server farm in some far, far away reality from the happy crappy one we think we exist in. No labeling me a pessimist, I’m probably one of the most optimistic realists you’ll ever come across, but I have my moments of fantasy, coupled with my fits of rage – I’m sure you’ll get to know all about them.

Why a third blog when keeping up the other two (on wordpress alone) is hard enough? I’m gonna feel free to express my opinions, both large and small, on this one. Yes, I over use my comma’s, and I’ll be doing plenty of it – thank you for asking!

It’s all cool on this miss-mosh of crap I intend to further pollute the web with (you do know the web and the Internet are two different things, right? Rant for the future…). So sit back, watch, read, comments, share, whatever your deal is –  the only one who passes judgement here is me, and if I do, you’ll be the first to know! ;}